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Is Homebirth covered by Medicaid?

No. At this time the state of Georgia does not cover home births.  This would be an out of pocket expense with a payment plan.

Do you have payment plans?Yes, we do.  $500 is required at the initial visit as a deposit.  Then we require monthly payments of a minimum of $200 with full payment due by 36 week. The global fee for prenatal care, labor&delivery, and postpartum care is $5,900. This includes all labs, birth kit supplies, assistant fees and newborn testing.

Do you give discounts if I only want labor care and no prenatal care?  NO.  We require prenatal care in our office before attending your birth.  No discounts are given for late to care clients.

When can I start care? We recommend reserving your spot as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test as we only take 4 clients per month and fill up quickly.

Do I have to see a doctor?   We require all of our clients to see an OB one time for a consultation and anatomy ultrasound.  We have physicians that we refer to and often this one visit is all you will need with an OB/Gyn. You do not need to see a physician to start midwifery care.

Can my partner/husband attend visits?  What about my children?  We encourage family to attend your visits.

I don't want an Ultra Sound.  Is this required?  While we recognize ultrasound as imperfect and unnecessary for a healthy delivery we do require all of our clients to have a 20 week anatomy ultra sound scan. This allows us to see all the major organs and bone measurements; it also allows us to know your pregnancy is still low risk .

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