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Private Childbirth Classes


Lamaze Childbirth Classes are dedicated to teaching you about your options in childbirth. Learn about the stages of labor and what to expect in each stage. Discover natural coping techniques that truly enhance relaxation and make labor beyond bearable, actually enjoyable. Dad (or your support person) will learn all the doula tricks to best support you in labor. Also covered is medications used in labor, informed consent, breastfeeding, and the postpartum weeks.


Childbirth classes are essential for every new parent!  Knowledge is power! 

  • Private classes are on your schedule in your home!

  • Three classses are held, for a total of nine hours of teaching. 

  • The classes are fun and interactive with all your personal questions being answered by a teacher who has supported births in over 12 Atlanta area hosptials; she knows what to expect at your hospital. 

  • For those birthing at home, private classes allow a focus on preparation for the birth, practice of relaxation techniques, and education about the phases of labor (often your midwife  can't dedicate your whole prenatal visit to this).

  •   A Lamaze workbook, childbirth books, and DVDs are available for your use.


--- FEE $300

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