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"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb."

Psalms 139: 13-14

Midwifery Services


Are you uncertain if homebirth is right for you? Follow this link:

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman

My personal views embodied in my practice:
     I believe God has uniquely and Divinely created a woman’s body to give birth. Birth is not about suffering immense pain but about finding the way to let go.
     I believe the childbirth year (nine months+postpartum) are a time of immense physical change, discovery, creativity, and spiritual growth.


     I believe every woman deserves to be informed and educated about all her birth choices. Women deserve to know why clinical procedures and tests are performed and what those results mean, and they deserve to choose which procedures and tests they want. Parents have the inherent right to make decisions about the best care for their pregnancy, birth, and newborn.


     I believe our U.S. modern maternity system is broken. Women need consistent care with the same provider that they can build trust with. Women need more than ten minutes with a provider once a month. Women need midwives who understand normal birth and speak words of encouragement about natural birth.


     I believe women need other wise women in the childbirth year. They need experienced women to stand with them as they navigate the road of pregnancy and birth, to encourage them that there are many good choices, and to help build their trust in the birth process. When women understand not only the mechanics of birth but how to support and embrace natural birth they can look forward to it as their greatest achievement, instead of their biggest fear.


      I believe the best midwifery care involves collaborative care. Every woman deserves a midwife, a doula, and an obstetrician that supports home birth and can work together to give a woman and her family the ultimate care.


      My practice offers a special team approach to care for women where she can feel  the benefit of all three birth professionals (doula, midwife, and doctor)  working together.

Graceful Birth Services of Georgia
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